Friday, May 17, 2013

European Adventure Day #2

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  Welcome to day #2 of our wonderful trip. This day was a day full of biking and walking. We rented bikes and went from our hotel to Kensington park, then to Buckingham palace, Big Ben, Westiminister Abbey, and then to a book sale. Lets just say our little feets were hurting after this fun day. We had a great time though and got to see a bunch of beautiful sites.

Day #2
Buckingham palace is surrounded by beautiful flowers and TONS of people. I just couldn't believe how vibrant the flowers are that surround the palace. I just loved looking at them.
We were very excited to see find the palace and walk around the beautiful grounds surrounding it.
We were lucky enough to arrive during the changing of the guard. That was really neat to see.
I wanted to sit in this spot for hours, but we kept trecking on as there was much more to see in London.
I just loved finding amazing detail wherever I looked.
Big ben is quite the site to see. The clock is beautiful and the windows are made up of tiny squares that reflect the most beautiful light.
I DID NOT go on this death trap, but it was neat to see. I hate heights so I just enjoyed snapping some shots of the eye of London,  and continuing on my way. 
Westminister is an amazing church and has some lovely grounds as well.
I found out about a used book sale that is held under a bridge every day and I was so happy to find it open. I just love this concept and wish we had one in my town.
Tons of awesome used books.
Day two was fantastic, and I love remembering every where we went that day.
See you tomorrow with day #3!
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  1. Loved the pictures - especially the ones with the flowers and the architectural detail. Wow! Can't wait to see more....


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