Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pack for a 10 Day Trip in a Carry On

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  I want to take a break for today from posting pictures of our wonderful trip and talk to you about some of my tips for packing 10 days worth of clothing in a carry on. Yes I said the dreaded words "carry on." You might be wondering if it is even possible to dress cute and not wear the same thing every day when only packing using a carry on. Well my husband highly doubted my capabilities on this front, which I think secretly gave me motivation to prove him wrong. I decided to do some research on how other people pack for their trips using a carry on, and I was greeted by tons of tips and ideas. (I love you Pinterest) My absolute favorite advice came from the blog Seventeenth and Irving. She gave pictures and ideas on how to mix and match your out fits. It was fantastic and got me jazzed about trying this whole process out.

Here is my advice and tips on how to pack for a 10 day trip to Europe (or wherever you are going) using only a carry on.
1. Lay Everything out. I am a visual person, so I like to see all of my clothes laid out so I can begin to create outifts. It also helps to figure out what is coming on your trip and what is getting left behind. Several items in this photo ended up getting cut before I started the official packing process. 
2. Create outfits. You can either do this mentally or if you are like me and love to make lists and reminders you can snap some pictures of your future outfits. Choose pieces you can easily interchange with other outfits. Try not to pack specific items that only go with one other item. (I am also a dork and need a little push in the right direction when it comes to outfits so I saved some of my favorite outfit ideas from Pinterest to the Photos on my phone. Instant inspiration and a helping hand when you can't figure out what to wear)
**Remember** Keep in mind your location when packing. I went for light layers on this trip, and that was perfect. Layers are very forgiving and offer lots of options in switching up outfits too. A sweater and a scarf on a t-shirt your wore three days ago can really change the look.
3. -FOLD- I can't stress how important a good folding job is when you want to fit 3 sweaters, 5 tops, 2 pairs of jeans, scarves makeup, boots, ETC ETC! inside a small carry on. I have never used the "rolling" method before, but after using it on this trip I will never go back. By rolling your clothes it allows you to pack way more stuff. Pack your shoes and bulky items last around the edges. 

HAPPY PACKING! What are your tips and tricks?

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  1. Hmmm...I like this idea! I never would have thought of it.

  2. I can't get over that! Way to go! I'm a huge over packer!!! I've enjoyed seeing your pictures, it brings up memories of my trip over there.

  3. I have been reading up on how to pack light for my upcoming trip. I'm still checking one bag and taking a carry-on for bringing home souvenirs room! I have tried the rolling method and it is awesome. I also invested in some packing cubes (great for a bigger suitcase also) and they work great. I have already decided on a color themed mix n match wardrobe. I really like the 'lay it all out' idea and making up outfits...I'm very visual also. Thanks for all the tips!



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