Saturday, May 18, 2013

European Adventure Day #3

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  I loved day #3 on our trip. It was so much fun to find this beautiful street. The street is lined with lovely stores and then on the side walks are booths filled with food, jewelry, clothing, house wares, and all sorts of other treasures.

Day #3
One of my favorite things about Europe is that they have tons of lovely flower shops. It seems like there are flowers being sold everywhere, and since I love flowers it is quite a joy to see all sorts of beauties on many of the streets we visited.
Each street is a new work of art in London. Each home has their own specific color. I love the idea of saying come on over you will know it is my house because its the pink one. So fun.
This store is AMAZING! Walls lined with vintage sewing machines. They sell high end clothing in mainly neutral colors. 
Our final destination for the day was an extra awesome one. We got to go to sherlock Holmes house where they have a museum set up. It was so much fun to see his little house. 
What a happy day it was!
P.s I can't wait to share my treasure hunt finds with you tomorrow. I found some fantastic stuff!
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  1. That street of painted houses is absolutely charming! I so enjoy seeing your photos. (It may be the closest I get to London in my lifetime, so keep 'em coming!)

  2. Great photos! I'm having a good time on your trip!


  3. Rachel - Fun, fun, fun! Love the colorful houses and the walls of sewing machines. How unique!


  4. It's been so long since I've been to Europe! How lucky for you to be traveling there and enjoying the lovely sights!


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