Sunday, May 19, 2013

Treasure Hunt Finds Part #1

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  It has been far to long since my last treasure hunt finds post because I have not found anything in a long time. I was hoping to find a local Estate sale this past weekend so I went on craigslist to see if there was any happening. When I saw the pictures below posted for a local Estate sale I eagerly saved the info on my phone so I could head there first thing in the morning!

Look at all of these lovely vintage treasures!
I so would have loved to have taken this fire place home. It was just as beautiful in person too.
They had a whole bedroom set up with Christmas decorations. Because I got the sale on the second day everything was 50% off, and all of the Christmas decorations were only $0.25 each! I was so happy!
I have been wanting some of these sweet Christmas houses for ages. I have seen other bloggers display them at Christmas, and I have had my eye out for them. Plus as a reminder they were only $0.25 each. 
This is my favorite little house!
Pottery for $1.00. I am going to plant a little succulent in this cute bowl.
Small tea cup for only $1.00. I just love the little details on the saucer.
Anthropolgie bowl for $0.50. I just had to bring it home even though I don't exactly know what I am going to use it for. 
Printer letters for I have no idea how much because there was a section on the receipt called "misc" so they were just a few bucks or so. 
Mr Joyful Thrifter spotted this awesome Dickens book. I am reading Great Expectations for my book club, so I was so jazzed that he found this copy for me to bring next month for book club.
It has some lovely illustrations throughout the book too.
Two lovely old books for $0.50 each. 
This sturdy ampersand was found at a different garage sale and it was only $1.00.
Tomorrow I will be sharing my furniture finds from the sale.

What did you find this week? I would love to see your treasures too! Feel free to link up below. Or you can post your pictures to the Joyful Treasure Hunting facebook page (link on the side bar).
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  1. You found some great items. Is that little green cup Fiesta? It looks like maybe an egg cup? So cute!


  2. What great items at terrific items! All the pottery made me swoon!

  3. i love the little teacup and the details on the saucer, as well! even the colour is perfect! is it the right size for a succulent? it would look nice paired with the little pottery.

  4. The teacups are going to look super cute with succulents! And the Putz Houses are awesome and in such good shape! I can't believe you found them for .25, that's outstanding!

  5. Lots of pretty things here. I love succulents in crockery, such a cheap and cheery deco. I planted a jelly bean plant in a recently thrifted cup and adore it. Love the little Christmas houses, you certainly got some bargains.


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