Friday, June 15, 2012

Treasure Hunt Finds - on Location

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  I finally got to do something that has been on my vintage to do list for a long time, and that is go to the Rose Bowl flea Market. I have been wanting to go for years, and the thrifting luck was on my side because the Sunday that it was open on was a perfect date for us to go. I was so excited the night before that I had a hard time sleeping. Here are some pictures from my wonderful adventure.

When I saw the sign I think I started skipping towards it in excitement!

But first I had to take a photo op with Mr Joyful Thrifter. We had so much fun roaming the aisles together. 

I saw on the website that Dave Hester from Storage Wars was going to be at the Flea Market, but I really did not think I would get to meet him. He was right at the entrance and I was able to take a picture with him before we went into the flea market. I love the show, so it was fun to meet him. Plus it impressed my brother, and to be honest that was the only reason I made sure I got a picture. 

Oh the cool rusty treasures that were every where you looked. 

This lady had such a large collection of dishes and McCoy Pottery for sale. It was quite a site to see it all together. 

I thought this dress was so lovely, and would be so fun to wear to a special occasion. Since none of those are in my future the picture will suffice. 

I loved all of these frames.

OH MY!!! Almost a complete set of Pyrex dishes in the "Dots" pattern. I pretty much stopped dead in my tracks when I saw them. You might be asking if I bought them, and the answer is no. They were $65.00 for the three, and that was a bit to much for my thrifty budget. 

My last wonderful treasure of the day was bumping into my dear friend Kami from The Blue Kazoo. I couldn't believe I found her at an event that had thousands of people in attendance. Just shows what true friendship looks like. 

Have a beautiful weekend. I will for sure because my sweet sister is getting married tomorrow, and it is going to be a perfect day celebrating their day!!!

The Joyful Thrifter

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  1. I love all the vintage goodies you were lucky enough to get pictures of. Dave, well, he's not my favorite, but how fun to have the picture. The Rose Bowl Flea is always a good time and rarely do I ever make it around the entire place. Congratulations to your sister and I hope the wedding is all she's dreamed of. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would love to go to the Rose Bowl Flea but since I live in GA it doesn't seem all that practical...oh heck, it's on my bucket list anyway. Great photos and how fun to meet friends there. Enjoy yours sisters wedding! Hugs, Linda

  3. Aah! So funny I took a picture of those same rusty stools but never posted it! I lovd when our minds coincide :D love kami thebluekazoo

  4. Oh wow!! What a fantastic market that looks like! The bowls are gorgeous, but I would have opted out at $65 too. Pretty to look at tho!


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