Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Craft Room Inspiration Wall AKA Old School Pinterest

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   I am very blessed to have a huge closet to store all of my craft supplies and have them all hidden. However these doors are not much to speak of. The previous owners painted squares on the doors which is fun, but still not very special. I love collages so I decided this was the perfect home for all of my magazine clippings and fun little treasures I stumble onto. I am also labeling this wall my version of Old School Pinterest. Before Pinterest came out we all clipped magazines printed out inspiration from the internet and made journals full of these beaufiufl photos. Now we have Pinterest and you don't see these beaituful home made inspiration boards as much. Now don't get me wrong I love Pinterest, but I also like seeing it in real life too.
I am working on transforming these doors into closet doors full of lovely pictures.
My favorite blogger Elsie Larsen from A Beautiful Mess had a spread in Mollie makes and I decided to have her colorful wedding inspire me on my closet door. 
It makes me smile when I look at all the pretty colors and lovely inspiration on this wall. 
Do you have any inspiration walls in your house?
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