Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joyful Creations - Almost No Sew Coin Purse

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

  Now that I have my craft room in working order I was able to start working on some crafts I have had in mind for quite awhile. Here is an easy craft that you can finish in probably less then 10 minutes. I love those kind!
Supplies Needed:

~Pleather (or leather if you have it)
~Exacto Knife
~Patterned Duct Tape (I found mine at Target in the dollar section)
~Button (not pictured)
~Needle and Thread (also not pictured)
 ~Start out by cutting your pleather to the size you want
 ~You can use a hair clip to keep the pleather from moving while you tape the sides.
 ~Using your patterned duct tape tape down each side so nothing can fall out or get inside. Also if you want to you can cut a fun shape for the flap.
 ~Cut a slit for the button closure, and then carefully sew on a button of your choice. (see this is all the sewing required for this project. I did promise with the title an "almost" no sew coin purse)
I am using my coin purse to hold little sewing supplies, but you can use yours for coins or whatever you would like.
Happy Crafting!
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