Sunday, February 24, 2013

Left Behind Pyrex at the Thrift Store

Hello Thrifters and Friends,

  Yes you read the title correctly, I have been leaving Pyrex behind. Since I have so much a lovely collection of Pyrex I can't bring home every thing I find anymore. Especially if the price is to much. I have a beautiful home to decorate and can't spend my monthly thrifting budget on Pyrex that is over priced.

This pretty was priced at $10.00, and sure it is a promotional piece and not one i have in my collection. However $10.00 does seem a bit pricey to me.
 The green fridgie they wanted $6.00 for and the pitcher I can't remember the price. I have so many of those pitchers that I literally can't bring them home any more.
 Ok this time I do regret leaving this one behind. It was $8.00, and now I regret not getting it. Plus I saw this exact same dish (I know because it had a sad nick in it) being sold at an antique store for $14.99.
Have you left any Pyrex behind? Or left some behind that you regret?
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  1. i've totally left some behind and regretted it. i was so irritated with myself.

  2. I HAVE left some Pyrex (and a few other things) behind... Your words "being sold for $14.99" remind me of my lingering question about what things REALLY sell for at antique shops. Pricing is so subjective. For me, it's one thing to see what something is listed for (e-bay, etc.) and another thing for what it's actually going to bring in my locale...

  3. When I first started collecting Pyrex, I would buy just about every piece that I saw at the thrifts, no more for me either, really, how much does a person need?? I have enough to last a lifetime... But, if I do find something special, I'll be getting it! I would feel remorse over the snowflake too, I still kick myself for a cheap Gooseberry fridgie set I left behind - I was on vacation and had already picked up a couple of pieces, it could have been mine....

  4. I have almost all the Pyrex I can store in my home right now, so unless it is something in PINK I do leave it behind. Most of those prices were pretty high but I do like the black snowflake baker! Hugs, Linda

  5. I've left Pyrex behind as I'm trying to be selective about what I bring home. I've had episodes of what I call "non-buyer's remorse", regretting not getting something, but usually, it goes away with some reasoning. ;)
    I was lucky and found a charcoal snowflake with lid in a yard sale for $3, so maybe you'll come across it again one day.


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