Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Joyful Instagram Life

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   I love posting my instagram pictures to share with you all because it always reminds me what a lovely and joyful life I have. It also makes me quite thankful for my blessings. I have a great family, the best husband, and wonderful friends. My life truly is joyful it is not just a brand I am trying to create on this blog. ENJOY!!!
~~During a run I found this beautiful flower growing all on its own. So Pretty
~~Enjoying some time with my cute little nephew
~~Painting is always a fun activity
~~A beautiful candle given to me by a sweet friend
~~A run with my sweet Mr Joyful Thrifter
~~I was maid of honor in my best friends wedding, and I had the most handsome date
~~Visited my parents and this little guy wouldn't leave my side
~~ Mr Joyful wants some new tools
~~Lots of birthdays were celebrated recently
~~I had to buy these wonderfully colorful shoes at a thrifty store
~~I just love it when this little one smiles at me. I am a proud aunt.
~~My favorite instagram picture recently. I got to do all of my favorites on Valentines day, and one of those things of course was going to get coffee. I have such a wonderful husband.

If you have a favorite Instagram picture to share please post it on the facebook page OR leave your instagram user name on the comments because I love following new friends.
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  1. OHHHH! I'm off to find you on Instagram! I'm thisvintagegrove!!!


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