Thursday, March 7, 2013

More Plant Love

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
    I have really been enjoying planting little succulents. They are such an easy plant to take care of and enjoy. Plus any one can plant them. Even someone like me who doesn't have a green thumb to save her life. I decided to pair my new love of plants with my true love, PYREX!

I bought my first bag of potting soil. I don't know why but this made me very happy.
I was happy to see that three little succulents fit inside my Pyrex dish.
I also used this adorable glass bulb that I found at Michaels. They are a bit pricey at $5.99 but I had a coupon that made the price much more reasonable. 
I just love how they look planted in their new homes.
They each found homes on my kitchen counter.
I hung my bulb on a mug holder, and I think this plant likes its new home. 
Happy Planting!
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  1. Love how you used your Pyrex as planters! The bulb planter from Micheals is also very sweet-I haven't seen those before.


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