Saturday, March 9, 2013

Treasure Hunt Finds

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
   Lots of lovely finds lately! I love how you just never know what you are going to find. Sometimes I find so much stuff I love I feel guilty, but other times I find one small treasure. This was one of those LOTS of finds week.

My dear friend Kami from The Blue Kazoo visited CA this week, and I got the pleasure of spending the day with my sweet friend. It is always good to catch up with dear friends. Plus we spent the day at the swap meet and visiting the local thrifty shops.

I was pleasently surprised to find this lime green Pyrex at the swap meet for $2.00. I do not have one in this shape, and the condition is fantastic.
 This is a sweet house warming present given to me by Kami, and I was thrilled to receive it because it combines two of my favorite colors.
A mushroom clock for $2.00, why thank you! I was so excited to find this cute clock, but sorely disappointed to get it home and find out it does not work. Got any ideas of what I could do with this broken clock? I suppose I could get a new clock pieces to make it work again.  
Gold star scarf for $1.00. 
I squeeled when I saw these scoops, and the lady selling them was so delighted to see I was excited about them that she sold them to me for $1.00. I then proceeded to tell her that I would give them a good home. Yep that caught her completely off guard because all she could so was ok. 
I am working on collecting eclectic plates for a wall in my house, and this plate was my first one to start the collection.
Lovely mint green tray with a sweet little bird on it for $1.50.
Now onto my thrift store finds. Three sweet little vases for $1.00 each. I bought the with a plan for my mantle, but after seeing them on the mantle they might find a new home. You just never know until you see it where you want something. 
Ok this is just a silly purchase, but this pink dog is just so cute. Plus it was only $0.80, which is a great price for a ridiculous purchase. She is just so cute, and was in need of a new home. 
Blue drinking glass for $1.99, and a Pyrex picther in a pattern I don't have for $1.99. AWESOME!
Bottles of glitter for $0.88 each. I have some great plans for these cute bottles.
I have decided to start up a linky party, so all of you lovilies can link your finds to my blog after you see mine. I just love sharing in the fun! Please feel free to link up.
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  1. Great finds! Makes me a little sad about the pink dog only being 80 cents, someone put a lot of work into that little canine.

  2. First time stopping by. I love the clock and yes I'd put a new clock in it. Great finds.

  3. Picture frame? Yes! I think the clock face could hold a photo (if you can't find new works that work in the clock.....) I remember the "season" that those dogs were the IN craft - most I remember were made out of stretchy polyester, as I recall. Enjoy!

  4. Ooh, that clock is adorable! Putting in a new clock is sooo cheap and easy, that's what I would do.

  5. I LOVE that little jadite-looking piece that you received as a gift. So sweet! I've also heard that switching out the mechanism in a wall clock is pretty easy, but I've never attempted it first-hand. Thanks for hosting the link-up! :)

  6. The glitter is exactly what I`ve been looking for the thrifts, but all I can find is dollar store stuff. & I say - new clock parts!

  7. Hi, I just found your blog and I'm loving it! I really dig that mint green tray with the bird- it combines two of my favorite things. Hope to join next week's link-up :) -Melissa

  8. Great finds! That dog is very cute!

  9. Love those yellow scoops. I've never seen those before. I like the dog too and I think I have a pattern for it some where.

  10. Lots of fun vintage treasures and wonderful thrifted prices! Thank you for sharing at TTF. Have a great day!


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