Monday, March 25, 2013

Curtains out of a $3.99 Table Cloth

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
   I found this beautiful table cloth at a thrift store for $3.99 recently and I just fell in love with the colors. Curtains are a sore subject in our house because I have visited countless stores to find expensive curtains that are not the colors I was looking for. So when I found this beautiful table cloth and it was only $3.99 both Mr Joyful Thrifter and I were so excited.
I cut the table cloth in half and then pinned it along the edge. 
I sewed up both sides and sewed the opening at the top for the curtain rod. 
The whole project took an afternoon and the final product is more then I could have hoped for. I just love how it looks so soft and airy.
I have had these sheer curtains since Mr Joyful Thrifter and I got married. I was so happy to bring them out again and hang them in our living room.
My New happy plants!
I am so happy with my project, and I am loving how my living room is looking. I have just been sitting in my room just enjoy the curtains or the comfy couches. 
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  1. Perfect! I REALLY like the pattern, the color, the price!

  2. Love! Great way to upcycle a vintage tablecloth!

  3. Those are beautiful! What a bargain :)

  4. They look great, what a beautiful color. I have the same sewing machine!

  5. Both the way you turned a tablecloth into curtains, and the way you have the four tied curtains in the middle are amazing ideas! Mind if I steal? I have sore subject curtains too...

  6. A lovely repurpose of the tablecloth.
    Finding the right ready made curtains is tricky i know. I've made a couple for our place from vintage floral sheets.

  7. Those look GREAT! I am not a sewer but my sister is...time to look for some tablecloths!

  8. That's lovely - the colors are so gorgeous in your room :)

  9. What a great find! I'd love it if you'd jump over and link up at my "Go Get Your Garage Sale On" Linky Party, and share some of your great finds!


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