Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Large Engineering Prints

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
    Pinterest and blogs are the best inventions ever. I get fantastic inspiration that I usually take and make it personal for my house. On one of my favorite blogs A Beautiful Mess Elsie had taken some old photos and had them blown up at Staples. If you get engineering prints they are only about $3.99 to get them printed and they are awesome. The quality is not great, but for me that is exactly what I wanted. I love that grainy vintage look.

I love our pictures from our travels around the world. When we go somewhere new or big we try to remember to take this picture. The theme of these picture's is "come travel with us." Travel the world through our eyes. I just love how it makes you feel like you are there with us on the trip. You get to see what we see.

Once I got the pictures printed out I had to figure out what I design I wanted them to make on the wall.
Before I got our trip pictures printed I had one large print up on the wall, but it looked so silly because it was so small. I love this picture but it was not quite what I wanted on this huge wall.
This wall really is huge, which I love but it needs a statement piece on it.
I am hunting for pictures frames to put these in, but in the mean time I love the simpleness of the silver polished push pins holding them up. 
Tomorrow I will be sharing a tour of my living room because it is finally looking just how I want it to. 
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  1. I love this idea! You are right - you need a collage of pictures in that area, or one REALLY big statement piece. Can't wait to see the rest!


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