Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Things on Friday

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,
  I can't believe it is already Friday. With Mr Joyful Thrifters new schedule and being busy made this week just flew by. I am happy it is the weekend. We are in full blown summer weather here. When I got into the car today the temperature read 106 degrees. YUCK! We are swimming every day and enjoying our pool which pretty much sold us on the house. It is so much fun to just jump in whenever we want to and not have to share it with the rest of the apartment building. The joys of owning our home continue to grow! This weekend is all about the pool and enjoying friends and family.

Food~ All I want to eat right now is cold food. Salads, fruit, cold pasta, and of course ice cream! I am going to make this fresh tomato salad soon. I think paired with a burger from the grill would be a fantastic summer meal!
Backyard Beauty~ I am working on turning my black thumb into at least a shade lighter to become better in my back yard. It seems like nothing is staying alive, but I will continue. Its gotta live eventually right? I want to look for a stand similar to this one for plants out side. So cute and simple. 
Wear~ Summer clothing to me is figuring out how to look cute while wearing as few layers as possible. This outfit seems to hit all of the marks. Cute and Stylish but not fussy. I love it!
Happy summer weekend!
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  1. I have that exact stand! I was trying to decide whether to paint it or leave it, I like the way this one looks, I may leave it alone : )


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