Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Things on Friday

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   Happy Friday to you all! I hope this post finds you ready for an enjoyable weekend of thrifts, crafts, and fun! I am very excited to spend the next three days with Mr Joyful Thrifter. Who knows what trouble we will get ourselves into.

~~Home~~ This is a very romantic place to get ready in the morning. I love the clothing rack with soft whispy clothes hanging on it, and the lovely gold mirror.
 ~~Wear~~ EEEPPPP! Look at those heart arm patches. So cute, and simple. I could easily add heart patches to several of my sweaters. I have a sweater restyling projects on the docket, and I just might have to add this one.
 ~~Etsy Favorite~~ I very much enjoy a relaxing bath. It is so calming and relaxes any tight muscles on your body. It is a quiet time for thinking. This tub is just lovely, but the wood bath tub caddy is a perfect addition. I can imagine putting candles on this shelf or as picture a yummy snack.
 ~~Yummy Goodness~~ This recipe for strawberry ice cream has only 3 ingredients. Now that is a recipe I can get behind. It looks very refreshing, and could be enjoyed on a hot summer day.
 ~~Crafty Goodness~~ Well now that caddy is a smart idea. Easy, smart, and best of all thrifty! I really want something similar in my craft room for storing pens and tools.
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  1. I LOVE the heart patches, I have a sweater right now and some red fabric, I may try this this weekend! Lovely

  2. Thanks for your fun comment on my post about loose change and the thrift shop. I'm so glad to have a few minutes to catch back up with your blog. I had my eye on similar sweaters on easy. This may be a project I have to tackle soon........

  3. I'm swooning over those heart patches. And I love that mirror too.

  4. Friday is always a special day for me. Your post increases my mind very enjoyable here. Thanks for the sweet heart patches.


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