Thursday, January 24, 2013

Having Fun With My Hair

Hello Fellow Thrifters and Friends,

   I am working on one of my new years goals of doing more with my hair. Here is an attempt at something fun and easy that I did before an afternoon out.

I love how my curls came out so soft and natural looking. I fell in love with this ribbon that I found in the clearance section at Michaels. It is such a nice detail with my turquoise sweater.
I don't own one of those awesome curling iron sticks, so I use my regular curling iron like one. It works pretty well, and it gives a very natural look. I try to do curls in both forwards and backwards to give a natural look. 
I hope you enjoy some of my new posts. I am trying to branch out and do posts I would never have tried before. 
Do you have any hair tips or blogs you love that inspire hair styles?
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  1. So pretty. I wish I could do more with my hair, but it has a mind of its own:-)

  2. Very pretty, and I love your haircolor~


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